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Featured Athlete:  Jamie Gonzales

Jamie Gonzales aka ” Mama Bear” first fell in love with MMA in 2004 via kickboxing and boxing.  Fast forward to now, she added to her repertoire – submission wrestling and, most recently Brazilian Jujitsu. Jamie now competes in Kickboxing, MMA, grappling and Brazilian Jujitsu in 130lbs, 125lbs and 115lbs categories.


I’m a mother of three awesome kids! All three of them also compete. I’ve been with Team Mean MMA since day one of its opening!  It’s my second home and family! It’s a place where anyone from Rec students to Pro fighters can train side by side and learn from one another! Coach Pidgeon is a very technical and experienced coach.  He teaches discipline inside and outside of the ring! He has stood by me through my wins and defeats! Getting into competition  was what I wanted for myself – to challenge me and no one else! And I am lucky to have a great team to support me. Now with my experience, I also help  coach and mentor aspiring athletes to reach their own goals, most specially women and young women.


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