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Featured Athlete: Shawn Hudson


I spent four years in the United States Marine Corps and after completing my enlistment in 2012, I very quickly gained a lot of weight. I joined Team Mean in 2013 because I wanted to become more active and get back into shape. I weighed 240 pounds then, but with continuous and dedicated training with Team Mean, I’ve lost nearly a hundred pounds. I started with the boot camp class and have gained a new love for Brazilian jiu-jitsu and the no-gi  jiu-jitsu. You will still see me training and sweating in the gym regularly.

Since I’ve started in  jiu-jitsu  at Team Mean, I’ve competed in five tournaments , won one medal and was just recently  promoted from white belt to blue belt. I also was promoted from white belt to grey belt in the Roufus sport kickboxing system as well.


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